A min of 50% deposit will be required before your booking will  be confirmed. With amounts up to R1000 the full amount must  be paid !!!!!!

Proof of payments must be provided via sms to 072 159 0989  or e-mail to info@vosritefishing.co.za when deposits are made. Please use your SRB number as reference.

We have moved over to a quotation basis system. On the booking system you will find the REQUEST QUOTE link. Complete the form and we will then send you a quotation.          

Bookings:  Please take note of the BASE prices of the sites!!!

Minimum of 2 days must be booked when booking a site. If your quote is less than 2 days it will be rejected.

You have 24 Hours to make a payment after we send you the invoice.

Min of 2 weeks’ notice for cancellations. Money will not be carried over for a next trip.

If canceled 10% handling fee will be charge for paybacks if more that 2 weeks cancellation. Less than 2 weeks no refund. No cancellations in December month!!

Remember to deposit all money’s outstanding before you arrive on the Farm!

When and if a new booking is logged on the day you leave the camp you must be out by 12:00 latest and if you come in on the day other people is leaving the camp you can only come in at 14:00. We do our best not to allow bookings in and out on the same day but from time to time it can happen.

Banking details:

H Vosloo


Savings Account

Acc no: 1332741841

Please remember to use your camp reference when depositing money.


Please take Note

1. You have 24 HOURS after receiving the invoice to pay your deposit.

2. If NO PAYMENT is received within 24 HOURS your booking will be REJECTED and you have to book again.

3. On the quote system there is a calendar to check dates.

4. Minimum 2 days bookings.

5. Book at least 1 week in advance and not the day before you want to arrive.

6. 1 Person bookings not allowed any more!! Minimum 2 people!

7. From 1 Jan 2018 deposit payable on all campsites.

If you agree to this then you can enter the booking site…..