Only after a minimum of 50% deposit is paid into the CAPITEC Account your booking will

be confirmed via the online booking system on the website. Please make sure that your

deposit or full amount is paid into the account within 24 Hours after the booking has been

made to ensure your booking. You will receive an e-mail to confirm that your booking was

made and after receiving the e-mail you have 24 Hours to make payment or your booking will

be declined if no payment is received and the next booking in line will then be taken.

Due to unforeseen circumstances or a larger group booking we reserve the right to shift your

booking to another camp site without prior notice.


Your outstanding amount is payable before you arrive on the farm and must be paid into the

CAPITEC account. For all amounts R1000 and below full payment into the

CAPITEC Bank account. Please take note that we do not work with cash on the farm.


There is a returnable breakage deposit payable for the cabin on accommodation on arrival of R500.

The breakage deposit (less the cost of lost items, breakages and cleaning fees) if applicable, will be paid back to you into your

bank account within seven days after your visit.


Check In time is between 12:00 and 19:00.

Gate closes at 19:00.

Cabin: Check Out time is 11:00 on day of departure only if there is another booking.

Camping sites: Check out time is 12:00. If there is nobody else booking in on that site, you may stay till 16:00.

If the need arise to come in before 12:00 an extra day needs to be booked and paid for.

Please take note that if your booking is on the same day as current visitors going out you can only get you Campsite at 14:00.


You will be fetched at the Farm House Gate and you will be taken to your campsite.

Please bring the last page of this form with you signed and hand it in at the farm house.

We will need your registration number as well as number of visitors (Adults & kids)

After we received full payment your details will be given to the farm to allow you entrance to the camp sites.

If any person or persons are expected to arrive later during your stay, you must provide us with a name list and expected time of

arrival for these people.

They must pay before they enter the campsite.


On arrival: CABIN

Check the neatness of the cabin. If some items are missing or the cabin isn’t neat, it must be reported within one hour after arrival.

If you fail to report above mentioned, you will be liable for any shortages on departure.

You are responsible for the service of the cabin during your stay.

On departure:

Visitors must leave the cabin at 11:00 only if there is another booking.

Check the equipment and report any lost or breakages.

Please leave the Cabin and Campsite in the same condition that you found it on arrival.

In case the unit and equipment are left dirty, a cleaning fee will be deducted from your key deposit.

Any shortages and breakages will also be deducted from the key deposit.

Cleaning service:

You may book a lady to clean your cabin at the Farm house on arrival (if there is a lady available)

The cost will be supplied when booking is done or at arrival at the venue.

The cost must be paid beforehand at the farm and not into the CAPITEC account.


Not allowed:

No music or noise is allowed.

Always consider your camping neighbours when enjoying your stay, so that you both can have great memories when leaving.

No fire arms or fire-works allowed.

No fires allowed on the ground. Use the supplied braai stands.

Don’t take wood from the field or break any trees. Wood sold at the Farm House.

Buildings & equipment:

Use the Cabin, ablution block, and all other campsites with great care.

Handle all our equipment with great care please.

Please report any breakages or faults to Management on the farm.

Speed limit:

Speed limit is 20km/hr. – drive safely in camp and on the farm – toddlers may show up at any place.


Make sure you put up camp within your campsite’s borders.

Use the dedicated path ways to move around your camp site. Do not damage the banks.

Do not waste water.

Do not go onto other camping sites.


Our motto is CATCH & RELEASE.

Take a great photo to show your friends. This will give your grand children a chance to also enjoy this great feeling.

Do not put or drop the fish on the bank. Please do not take pictures of fish full of dirt!

Remember NO KEEP NETS allowed!!

Private property:

Please stay between the borders of the venue during your visit.

Do NOT clime over or through any fence into other people’s property.

This is trespassing, and can get you into a lot of trouble.


Swimming in the river is very dangerous, so do it on your own risk.

Right of admission:

Right of admission reserved. Remember this is a private farm and not a public holiday resort.

Any person that misbehave, or break any rule, will be order to leave the premises without compensation. The owner will not

lose any of his rights because of such action.


The amenities and activities provided at or by Vosrite Fishing Adventure have been designed, constructed and facilitated to the

best of our ability for your enjoyment and safety. Nevertheless we regret that the management, it’s staff and agents must stipulate

that they are absolutely unable to accept liability or responsibility for any death, injury or damages of any nature whatsoever

whether arising from negligence or any other cause, which is suffered by any person who enters the premises and /or uses the

amenities, or take part in activities provided. Patrons use the facilities at own risk.


Cancellations of confirmed bookings may only take place according to the procedure outlined in the clause.

All requests for cancellations shall be made by the client in writing via e-mail to Vosrite Fishing Adventures and shall only be

affective on the date of actual receipt by our booking office. E-mail to

The following cancellation fees shall be applicable:

14 days (2 Weeks) or more notice 90% of the payments made shall be refunded.

No refunds shall however be made to clients who made bookings less than 14 days (2 Weeks) before arrival, nor shall refunds be

given to clients who arrive late or depart early, or who do not show for a booking.

In event of a client during the course of a booking terminating it for whatever reason, no refund shall be made unless with the prior

written approval of the owner of Vosrite Fishing Adventures.

No Refunds for the following: Natural Disasters. This includes: Flooding, Tornado’s, Fire and Earth Quakes and any other disasters

not included in the list.

Any cancellations made, in terms of these standard trading conditions shall be subject to an administrative charge and this amount

shall be deducted from the amount to be refunded:


You are not allowed to leave any garbage on the venue!


Call: 072 159 0989



Enjoy your stay with us!!!